Yamaha U3


Color/Finish: Black Polish
Width: 153 cm
Height: 131 cm
Depth: 65 cm
Weight: 246 kg

Price: 17,000dhs plus 5% VAT
Terms & Conditions:
1 year warranty
Piano as is

Delivery: FREE within the UAE
Tuning: 1 FREE
Piano bench: none

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The Yamaha U3 is made in Japan, a country known particularly for its quality production of pianos. The brand has earned a long-lasting reputation, and this specific model has been a one of the best-selling professional quality pianos for over sixty years. Made in the famous Hamamatsu factory in Japan, the company also has factories all across the globe, now it is a worldwide household name. This piano also holds its value over time, thanks to the excellent reputation and reliability of the product.


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